Today I am going to look at how each wing handled the topics of military and environment.  First, I'll start with the right wing. Corey Millhouse strongly supports arming the rebels in Syria, and wants to immediately withdraw the troops from Afghanistan. He also wants to supply the rebels with medical care and other supplies such as food. According to the environment we didn't get a lot out of Mr. Millhouse. He does not support farms and during the debate said he is not worried about the future. He did not support alternative energy like the other two candidates. In the moderate party Sonya Gladstone believes in no government involvement in foreign affairs and using military as a last resort. She wants to bring the troops from Afghanistan home just like candidate Corey. In environment Ms. Gladstone thinks we should use alternative energy that will be made possible by the more educated generation. She also realizes this will be a very slow change and will not determine a better present or near future. As for candidate Jing Shi for the Left wing she believes in strong international ties, but did not answer specifically to what was going on in Syria. She also plans to cut military spending for more important and humane causes. In environmental causes Ms. Shi wants to regulate businesses according to environmental standards and to use alternative energy. Overall I think all three candidates had good points, and hope that the left party rises above the rest in the elections. 

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