The candidates went head to head in a debate that gave the public insight on where they stand.  To follow that, the candidates attended rallies that were hosted by enthusiastic rally leaders with important topics to discuss.  During the debates, questions were asked about healthcare, military, environment and education.  These are some key points that the public is truly concerned about.  Based on the answers during the debate from the left wing, it is clear that they strongly support a free healthcare and education system.  These standings may appeal closely to parents and senior citizens.  On the other hand, the right wing backs more private education and a positive system for the good illegal immigrants. They believe that people with a private education get better jobs, and want the immigrants who want to do good for society to stay and only send the ones who only want to smuggle illegal goods or people onto US soil away. These views can appeal to the upper and middle class, and also the people who are legalized immigrants.  The moderate wing lies in the middle with support for public and private schools, as well as a gradual switch to alternative energy sources in the US.  They believe that the people can choose which education system they want, but each will ultimately have government funding that will improve the quality and attendance of the schools across the country.  These points may appeal to the upper and middle class as well as the environmentalists.  It’s a close race.  Who will win?

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