There are so many reasons that you should vote for Left wing candidate Jing Shi. One reason is that SHI’S THE ONE! Jing Shi covers economy, military, environment  health care and somehow makes them all fit together and make sense. Ms. Jing wants to create jobs by making natural power plants that will benefit the economy and the environment. This will also take oil and gas out of the picture and lift the pressure off of America’s shoulders to intervene in wars because of the oil they have. She will monitor businesses according to environmental standards. She will also provide free health care and education that will allow the people to get jobs easily. She has very humane views and unlike the other candidates realizes that every human is entitled to be taken care of if their sick. Unlike Ms. Gladstone who does not think illegal immigrants deserve health care or Mr. Millhouse who does not want free health care for anyone. She will raise taxes for the 1% of high level people in America to support the less fortunate people. This does not negatively effect the rich citizens because it will better the economy and help their business prosper. Candidate Jing is all for reducing the military spending and make peace in the world with strong international relations. When Jing Shi is president she will allow illegal immigrants to stay as long as they don't have a criminal background. VOTE FOR JING SHI, SHI IS THE ONE!!! :)

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