Caitlyn Bridge and Amanda Carroll spoke at the Environmental Rally today. Also speaking at the rally was Right Wing Party member Chris Izzo, Moderate Wing candidate Sonya Gladstone, and Left Wing candidate Jing Shi. Each speaker had described the problems that were affecting the environment; they also provided possible solutions. For example, Bridge had talked about air pollution, and had suggested the placement of air filters in smoke stacks to deal with this dilemma. Most of the speakers had at one point said the phrase “Change now, not tomorrow.” What they had meant was that we should try to solve these environmental problems before they get out of hand, and are too large to resolve. Carroll said that “if we don’t act now, we could damage the environment forever.”
I spoke to Bridge and Carroll again after their rally. When asked about which candidate they were supporting, they said that they support The Moderate Wing’s candidate Sonya Gladstone. They support Gladstone because improving the environment is a very significant and prominent point in her plan. They hope that Gladstone will help them make the US a greener place to live in.
Gladstone believes that her environmental plans will create jobs. However, she does not say how many jobs will be created, and over what time frame. Based on her recent press release, Gladstone wants to expand the use of wind and solar power. However, she does not explain where the money for the initial investment in wind and solar will come from. Several scientists believe that the US cannot rely on solar and wind power alone; the US will continue to rely on oil, nuclear, and natural gas. She doesn’t explain how these fit into her plan. Many Americans work in the oil, nuclear, and natural gas industries.

The Environmental Rally may have been full of excitement and expectancy for a cleaner environment, but I did not hear a concrete plan on how they will achieve this goal.

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