Out of the three parties, the Right Wing Party’s proposal’s appear to provide the best chance of bringing the US out of the recession. Providing tax relief to business owners will free up their tax burdens, which allows them to invest more in their own businesses. Therefore, more people will be hired, and less Americans will be unemployed. The Left Wing Party and the Moderate Wing Party do not provide a realistic plan to move the US forward. Training workers, which is part of the Left Wing’s plan, is pointless if companies don’t have the resources to hire them. In the past, companies train their workers, not the government. The Moderates promise to create jobs and improve the environment, but they do not provide any details on how they will accomplish this.

The Right Wing’s platform also includes the idea of maintaining military strength. Not only will this provide security for ourselves and our allies, but it will also create several high-paying jobs for Americans.

The US’s deficit will not improve without severe spending cuts. All over Europe, the economies are collapsing because of unchecked spending. The government is not nearly as good as private industry when it comes to doing things in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The US Postal service, for example, is not as effective as FedEx and UPS. The private delivery companies are innovative which results in better service for less money. Another example is the space program. On October 10th, the commercial (non-government) company SpaceX successfully docked their ship to the International Space Station. They did this cheaper and faster than a government run agency like NASA could have done it.

The Right Wing Party supports converting Medicare into a voucher system, and eliminating Obamacare. This will cut the cost to taxpayers, and will reduce the deficit in the long run. Private health insurance companies competing against each other will prove to be more efficient than a single government-run agency.

The Right Wing Party states in their Press Release that they would like to “encourage the growth of private schooling.” It is possible that this could be accomplished by providing vouchers. Instead of being forced to send your children to a poorly performing public school, you will have the opportunity to send your child to a better performing private school. This will force public schools to step up their game; public schools need competition in order to stay alive.
The Right Wing Party has goals, and they have a plan to accomplish them. The other two parties have not presented a firm strategy that will accomplish their goals.

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