Hi, all you voters out there who want to know what’s happening in the Perennial Pines elections. Today I interviewed a hardworking man named Frankie who worked in a textile company before it went out of business. He has been wandering through shelters and decided that no one should suffer the way he has. He says," The people that support our cause are fellow jobless citizens who seek a change".   Frankie thinks education is a strong factor in getting America back on its feet in terms of jobs. He also says that jobs should be more related with manufacturing and unskilled jobs which I don’t agree with. I think that getting everyone in America educated will allow for people to get good skilled jobs but for some people that are handicapped or cannot be educated for some reason should have the opportunity for an unskilled job. Overall, I think that Frankie and his rally team have a great basis and I hope the liberal candidate, Jing, supports them. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!! :)

The Left Wing Party

The left wing party strongly supports that the United States of America need to "seek a change" according to job rally team leader Frankie. The left wing will create jobs for the unemplyed cizitens while building the free education and healthcare!


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