Although the other two candidates Corey Millhouse and Sonya Gladstone had strong positions during the Press Conference today, I believe that Jing Shi, the liberal candidate, had the most logical ideas that could be  carried out successfully in the future.  She was the only candidate that I thought covered everything from military spending to education well. Jing said that she would start by supporting public education. She said," We will provide our public school funding by raising taxes for the rich." Then she would start businesses that would specialize in alternative energy. These businesses would create many more jobs and better our environment. Jing also thinks we should cut military spending. Also, a big point that I got from the Press Conference was that the left wing stresses diversity and strong relations with other countries. This will make the world a more peaceful place and will make the US the place it aspires to be. I believe that Jing Shi would be a great candidate in the presidential elections and I hope that she and the Left wing stick by what they claim. PLEASE COMMENT, I WILL REPLY!!!! :)

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