While the rally groups were discussing their strategies, I interviewed Caitlyn Bridge and Amanda Carroll. Bridge and Carroll are environmentalists, and are the leaders of the Environmental Rally. I had asked them three questions:
1. Going green requires investment; how are you going to find money to fund alternative energy?
2. What happens to workers displaced by investing/developing alternative energy? How will you earn their support?
3. As an environmentalist, what other industries do you support?
For my first question, Bridge suggested the idea of fundraisers to pay for alternative energy. However, it will probably take much more than a few fundraisers to raise enough money for alternative energy. A possible solution would be to raise taxes on fossil fuels and use that money to pay to develop alternative cleaner fuels.
In response to my second question, Bridge planned to set a deadline for harmful companies in order to help these companies improve and become more environmental-friendly. Setting a deadline that would result in fines is an excellent way to motivate companies to clean up their operations.
Bridge and Carroll did not have any comments or responses for my third question.
To better support their positions, they could have said they support natural gas since it comes from North America and doesn't have to be shipped from the Middle East.
Overall, I think that Caitlyn Bridge and Amanda Carroll are on the right track to a successful rally.

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